About Me

John Simon has been involved in Business Intelligence since 1996. John initially started with Holos, moving into the realm of data warehousing with Oracle John then shifted to Hyperion Essbase and eventually the Microsoft BI stack. Along the way John has worked on Oracle, DB2 and Teradata projects, as well implementing Hyperion Planning, Business Objects and Business Objects Data Integrator projects.

John is currently working in Melbourne Australia for Telstra, a leading Telecommunications provider. John is a Solution Lead on a large Data Warehousing project.

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  1. calvin

    March 3, 2011

    John, I was reading through the monthly Kimball Forum, “Primary Key of Fact Table”, thinking if we were on the right track with our approach, then, your post was the last and best with regards to surrogate key usage. We are a Cognos shop, so have been using their ETL app for many years and are firm believers of implementing surrogates. We also believe it makes for faster retrievals for BI reporting. Thanks for your reaffirmation. We are on the right track.


  2. henrik af forselles

    August 9, 2011

    Man what happened to your blog! Its the best on dimensional modeling.
    I really ´(and I mean really) liked it but your last post was made like three months ago.

    I’d really like to see more from you!

    • Sorry. I’ve had life stuff interrupting me.
      I’ve gotten out of the consulting business after 13 years and I’m now working for a telecommunications provider on a large data warehouse using Teradata.

      I’m hoping to be able to put a post together in the next few weeks on my experiences of creating a Dimensional model from the 3rd Normal Form database structure for reporting via SSAS.

      • That sounds like a great article. I’d love to include it in our feed of AS content so let me know when it’s close to done!

  3. Valery

    May 6, 2012

    John, why you are not writing any more? You articles about hierarchies were awesome!

    • I haven’t been using SQL Server as much as I’d like to since I’ve been working primarily with Teradata over the last 10 months. However I should be starting to use SQL Server more often in my job soon, so expect more articles then.


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